Whether or not Randy White was ever ordained Evangelist, Pastor or Bishop he would not have escaped the strong call of God on his life. Even as a child he was compelled to declare the mature message of repentance and salvation while preaching in the streets, prisons, or wherever he could find an audience.

The call on his life grew stronger as he approached adulthood, and he prepared to enter his vocation studying at Lee University (formerly Lee College). He also holds a Master's Degree in Divinity, and an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters.

Armed with enthusiasm and determination, this tenacious warrior set out to fulfill his God ordained destiny. In his quest, Randy personally encountered many of the ills which plague today’s society including rebellion, despair, divorce, and depression. He saw and experienced poverty, and he despised all forms of racial and social injustices. In 1989, he met and married his wife Paula, who herself had been a victim of unfortunate circumstances.

Determined to make a difference, together both Randy and Paula rid themselves of denominational restraints and in 1991 with 5 founding members they launched a ministry of “Evangelism and Restoration” known as South Tampa Christian Center. The thriving congregation quickly made an indelible mark on many inner-city residents through generous feeding and clothing programs; this was “target evangelism” in action. Parks, streets, and housing projects were soon flooded with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the message penetrated the hearts of many, both converts and the curious were drawn to the ministry of Randy White. Welcomed by the slogan “The Perfect Church for People who are not”, children, teenagers, the rich and poor, the divorced and broken, people of all races and ethnic backgrounds representing every strata of society flocked to this lighthouse of hope.

Innovative and imaginative programs such as Back2 School Bash, an event that equips children to return to school with adequate supplies such as backpacks, pens, pencils, and sneakers; the Guinness Book of World Records award winning Easter Egg Hunt; and the dynamic Operation Explosion outreach program endeared the Whites to the city of Tampa. It was not long before Pastor Randy had earned a new title - “Big Daddy” as he is fondly referred to by the inner-city youth. South Tampa Christian Center eventually evolved into the world-renowned 18,000-member Without Walls International Church.

Today’s sanctuary and world headquarters is prominently positioned at the “Gateway to the City” of Tampa, occupying 27 acres of prime real estate. Thousands visit the campus each week for worship, food, counseling, tutoring, medical care, and refuge. At last count, there were 240 in-reach and out-reach programs in operation - but numbers don’t really matter.
Following Pastor Randy’s simple philosophy of “if a man is standing in the rain, give him an umbrella” - congregants do whatever is necessary to help someone else. This belief system has yielded ministries to professional athletes, corporate executives, the homosexual community, the disenfranchised, and a host of others.

Under his leadership, Without Walls has trained hundreds of churches to win their cities for God through caring and compassion. He served on the Billy Graham executive committee that brought Graham to Tampa in 1999. Pastor Randy has also touched millions through his television programs, and numerous speaking engagements. He authored the best selling “Without Walls…God’s Blueprint for the 21st Century Church”, as well the popular “See Me, Hear Me, Know Me”, which he co-authored with his wife. In addition to his primary responsibility of as Senior Pastor of the Without Walls International Church,
Pastor White actively oversees more than 75 affiliate ministries through the Without Walls Ministerial Alliance.

Accolades from the secular world have not escaped this man of God. His significant contributions to society have placed him before National and International leaders including, President George Bush, Former President Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher, Secretary of State - General Colin Powell, King Abdullah of Jordan, and Benjamin Netanyahu - former Prime Minister of Israel. He has preached to the King of Pop, and to the Kings of Nations, but Randy’s greatest passion is serving the King of Kings!

In November 2000, his legendary early morning prayer-walks caught the attention of Diane Sawyer of the ABC News magazine show - Primetime Live. Mesmerized by his boldness and perseverance, cameras followed this modern day John the Baptist through the streets of Tampa as renewed his daily vow of “…give me Tampa or let me die”, they watched and listed as he prayed in unknown tongues, taking dominion over the strip clubs and other establishments associated with the “adult entertainment” and pornography strongholds in the city. No wonder former strippers and bouncers can be found in the choir, bus ministry, administration, among the armor bearers, and throughout the family of Without Walls!

Recognized with an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters in 1997, Pastor White was later awarded the Keys to the City of Tampa and received further recognition when a local street was renamed to Without Walls International Boulevard in honor of the church.

Known for his dynamic preaching and practical teaching styles, his vibrant illustrated sermons are sometimes intense, often humorous, but always relevant. He communicates the message of Christ with sincerity and simplicity.

Pastor Randy White and his wife Paula reside in Tampa. They have four adult children Kristen, Angie, Brandon, and Bradley; and 2 grandchildren Drew and Emma.
He is currently working on a yet untitled book on “Leadership” which will be published by Time Warner. A highly anticipated reality television show called “RAW” is also on the horizon for Randy Whit