The Cleansing Stream International Church

Who we are? The Cleansing Stream International Church was founded June the 5th 1999. Carrying a vision to help and restore people, we stepped out into the community to see how and where we could help those in need. First and foremost we are a church that seeks to find and restore that which has been lost. Under leadership of our senior Pastor André Domacassé we have stepped forth and reached out to the community. In the past the Cleansing Stream has been known to host community conscious events such as the “ Christmas Extravaganza” & “ Easter Egg Hunt “, where less fortunate children and children of broken homes get to go out and have fun and realize that there are people who still care and love them. We have also held the Miracle Basket aided by Caribbean Mercantile Bank.

This form of outreach has brought resources to less fortunate families around the Holidays. As many stand to criticize our youth T.C.S.I. saw this as an opportunity to help these youngsters to fin the diamond in the rough with youth rallies and various other activities. Who is Pastor André Domacassé Everything started at a very young age, that Pastor André was conscience of the spiritual realm. His best friend in the bible was John the Baptist, without imagining, at the age of 16 years old, God called him to preach the gospel. After two years of intensive preparation in the pastoral studies at the World Harvest Bible College under the direction of Pastor Rod Parsley, God had clarify and confirm His Apostolic calling upon the live of Pastor André. With a mandate to seek, to save that which is lost, and to establish the Kingdom of God in its completeness in Aruba and around the world, in 1999 Pastor André took his first step of faith by founding his first church called “The Cleansing Stream International Church”. Pastor André Domacassé is a motivational preacher, national and international His vision is to plant, establish and adopt churches in various regions in the world, along with the mandate to seek and to save that which is lost, prove supervision and association with various churches giving his support, instruction and accountability in the apostolic lineage.

5Th anniversary celebration After 5 years of faithful hard work were are overtaken by a feeling of satisfaction. Knowing there is a lot more to be done on our Island we would like to regroup, celebrate our accomplishments and continue in the good fight of faith. During the month of may we will be celebrating with all our partners and friends where we will have special acknowledgements as we show our gratitude to our community. To culminate our celebration we will be hosting a special motivational conference where we will be hosting one of pastor Andre mentors and world-renowned motivational speakers Randy and Paula white.